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Want superior quality and total comfort in a hotel room? You'll find that here at Congress Plaza. Our suites and standard rooms are all equipped with high end linens, extensive room service options, and exquisite furnishings to help you escape from the rest of the world. Feel at home in total comfort without sacrificing an ounce of luxury. That is the Congress Plaza promise.

Guest Reviews

Paul Peters
Every year in June, I come to Chicago to visit my brother for a week. He owns a large construction company in the area, so he rarely has time to come up and visit me. I don't mind travelling at all because I work online, so I can bring my job with me if I need to. I just need a reliable internet connection. This is the second time I have stayed at Congress Plaza in Chicago, and I have been really pleased by it both times. Not only did it give me easy access to a lot of activities to do in the city, but it also provided me with great internet to use while I work. There is a small business center in the hotel with free computers and a printer, and I actually had to use it once because my laptop crashed. It saved my butt with one of my clients, and for that, I am forever in debt to Congress Plaza. Great hotel, great prices, great service. What more could you expect?

Duane McMullen
I love staying in hotels because they give me a chance to get out of the house for a few days. Not saying I hate my house, but I tend to get cabin fever over time. I have been in several Chicago hotels in the past, and I have to say that Congress Plaza is my favorite. It has the most comfortable bedding, and the breakfast here is worthy of any high class restaurant. The only complaint I have is that you have to sign into the internet at least once a day because the system automatically kicks you off over time. That's far from a big deal, but it was a slight hassle during the time I stayed for a week. Nevertheless, I had a fantastic experience all the way around and have willingly gone back to the Congress Plaza Hotel since then. I'd be happy to stay there several more times over in the future if the opportunity ever presented itself.

Kelsey Fitzgerald
Right before school starts every year, we like to take the kids on vacation to get all of their energy out of their system. We've been all over the country, but this year we landed in Chicago. We went to Shedd Aquarium, Brookfield Zoo, Wrigley Field, Millennium Park, and many other great locations in Chicago, and for a hotel, we chose Congress Plaza. The main reason why we wanted to stay there is because it was close to all of those things that we wanted to do. We had easy access to the fun in a town we're not really familiar with. One of the receptionists even gave us directions to a great café down the street we would have never seen otherwise. It was a family vacation worth remembering!

Renae Gumbert
Have you ever felt like going back to a hotel over and over because you liked it that much? Well, that's how I feel about Congress Plaza in Chicago. I have to say that this place has some of the best bedding and towels I have ever seen or felt in a hotel room, and I've been in a lot of them over the year. Not only that, but also the staff is super nice, no matter how grumpy you may be to them at three o'clock in the morning (long story). The food on the room service menu was really delicious, and the pillows were extra fluffy. Even the TV was great. If I can find a way to be in Chicago more, I'll definitely be staying at Congress Plaza. It's now my little home away from home.

Jerry Schiffer
I recently got transferred to Chicago for work, so I had to move from my home in Green Bay rather abruptly. As a result of the short notice, I had very few options for an apartment. The one I found and ended up liking was not going to be available for a full month after my lease ended in Green Bay. Thus I needed a place to stay until my new apartment was available. I chose to be at Congress Plaza Hotel because I had heard some good things about it, and I must say they made my trip much less stressful than I thought it would be. I booked online to get a good rate, since I was going to be staying for such a long time. Not sure if the staff got tired of me after a while, but I certainly would have! They never let on about that though. I felt like I was home for the full month that I was there, and I'm really grateful for that.

Arrietta Smith
I'm going to keep this short and sweet – I love it at Congress Plaza Hotel! I always get a basic double queen room on the highest floor possible when I stay there, and I have never had a problem. Everything is quiet as can be, even when there are big events happening in Chicago. I am really happy with the experiences I had here, and I can't wait to come back again!